Monday, March 23, 2009

High Fiber drink mix! Honey N Garlic and cast Iron!

Ya so I have this stuff I drink or eat, its pretty good.The kids even drink it. It has flax seed in it and we all love flax here! Well the bottle is almost gone, so I was going to buy more pay day. Last night I got to thinking, exactly whats in it? Grab the bottle read the ingredients- hm interesting, ground flax, ground unprocessed bran flakes, and oat flakes. Thats it! I have all that at home, and I have fresh stiff! Not the oat flakes but steel cut oats- even better. So I pulled out the blender(it was busy yesterday) Throw in some flax, bran and oats, grind it up real good and dump it into a gallon jar. I only filled the bottle 1/2 way. Flax wont last forever once its ground up. So its in the fridge, with the scoop and directions to use on the side. The good thing about this stuff is not only does it taste good, but you can drink it- milk or water. Its thick at the bottom so you have to stir constantly. But you can (even better) eat it in yogurt! And I made yogurt on Saturday, me and my Baby E! It turned out thick and yummy. I used the crock pot to keep it warm this time, it worked great! Its the best batch I have made since I stopped getting fresh raw milk to make it. SO you can put my flax mix in it, or apple sauce and eat it. And its good! Tastes kinda nutty.
Before this I had to make some honey/garlic mix again. I did it a little different this time. Instead of using the garlic press after I peeled it, I chopped it, then I put it and the honey in the blender and let it go! So its much smaller pieces this time, and garlicier! Is that a word? HMMM dont know but you get the point. It tastes good, and when you take a tsp you can feel the garlic. It tastes even better! I know I am weird. Most people dont like it, but I do, the kids do and mom does. And it helps our soar throats when they pop up!
I spent Saturday cleaning up my cast iron pans and seasoning them. They had been sitting so long they needed redone. One of the deep dutch oven was so rusted, it was pitted horrid. I did not think I was going to save it. But I had a new idea to try and it worked! I pulled out my handy little hand sander and sanded that thing! Got rid of the rust and pits! It came out looking better than the rest of the pans! I may sand em all! So they are all seasoned, and hanging. With the exception of the dutch ovens, they are stacked next to the stove in easy view and reach. Hopefully they will get used now. I printed out directions for cleaning and hung by the sink. So maybe this time it works.