Friday, March 20, 2009

Laundry soap

Ya I know sounds kinda boring dont it! Laundry soap, only Jae would write about laundry soap. Well not only am I writing about it, but I made it myself! Yes You read right! I was making my own for a long time, but the only ways I came across were powder, and I do not like powder laundry soap. I have to be vey careful on what kind I use due to allergies. The wrong kind and I am one sick puppy! Or my kids get a horrid rash. Well I ran onto a site- homeschooler led me to it. It has 10 different recipes! Now knowing what I do about doing things naturally, and all that I know its possible to make it and have it work! So I decided to giver another go! This time with liquid! I know one more reason for ya'll to think I am nuts, and thats ok, you can think what you want. Hey I am a little on the nutty side. Here is a link to the site  I based my soap off.  Homemade laundry soap
I changed my recipe a little. I had some ground Yucca root, I have used before in place of soap, so I used it instead of the soap. Since I dont use soap I dont have any! I added 2 cups vinegar, and my essential oils. Tea tree oil and mandarine orange. I like the smell of the orange, and the tea tree is good for killing stuff. I used recipe # 2 with my changes- the yucca root instead of soap, and the vinegar. I put the vinegar in because I dont use fabric softners or dryer sheets. I have used vinegar with my laundry soap before, it helps soften them. Hopefully it works this way, if not well I am not really out anything.
1 load washed, very clean, smells good and soft! 2nd load in and washing! I found a place to get seeds for Yucca Root last night. I am going to attempt to grow my own, then I have it fresh without buying!!! 
I have been fighting the climbing rose bush outside. I'll post pics when I am done with that battle. It was almost all dead, so I am having to remove so much dead, and there was a lot not even attached to the bush but mixed up in it. Messy stuff, and mean also! I have battle wounds all over my arms, but thats what you get when you go into battle with a rose bush with out gloves! I went and bought gloves after the main fight was over. Big DUH there! We are going to be working on the outside of the house a lot over the next week or 2. I need to get all the dead branches and stuff in a pile and ready to burn. I'll be getting a burn permit from the city, its only good for 2 weeks. So I want it all ready to go at once so I can get it done. Some of it that will be good for the wood burning stove will be cut and stacked in the garage. 
We are also going to be getting ready for the garden and planting seeds for it and for flowers.