Tuesday, February 17, 2009

what makes you happy?

So a friend on a board had this idea, post the things that make you happy! She wanted to do it to remind her when she is down of all thats good around her. So we made a list there. I thought I would share it here, I may even add to it as I think of new things. Since I have been blessed in so many ways the list could go on forever! so here goes
good idea! ok here I go
1. hugs from my kids
2 kisses from my kids
3 I love you's from my kids
4 cuddle time with my kids
5 reading a good book
6 reading my scriptures
7 Attending Church
8 Going to the Temple
9. Knowing and remembering Heavenly Father loves me
10 accomplishing something that needs done
11 learning new things and applying what I learn
12 writing
playing with my kids
13 park trips
13 summer breeze
14 smell of spring
15 planting a garden and caring for it
16 caring for flowers
l7 knowing I have an eternal family
18 knowing there are people around the world- here and other places who truly care about me and my family
19 prayer
20 meditation
21 the smell of a new baby
22 new babies
23 baby toes and smiles!
24 cooking/baking
25 music- all kinds
26 the Atonement- knowing I can be forgiven for anything I do, and that others can also
27 family that cares
28 artichokes!!!
29 food in my cupboards,fridge,freezer
30 small food storage started
31 my new home
32 wood burning stove- save me money!
33 van almost paid off!
34 awesome doctors
35 sun shine
36 autumn leaves
37 fresh snow on the ground
38 working out
39 swimming
40 physical exercize 
41 physical activities
42 photos!
43 receiving Blessings
44 familt dinners
45 Thanksgiving
46 Easter
47 Birthdays
48 Parties with the kids
49 Holidays
50 BBQ's
51 camping
52 hiking
53 cooking over a fire
54 watching stars with or without telescope
55 learning
56 knowledge
57 one on one time with each of my kids
58 talking to family
59 hearing from/talking to/IMing/emailing JJ, Sammy, Damein
60 forgiveness
61 love
62 smell of flowers
63 memories
64 service
65 knowing I helped another person
66 cheering someone up
67 being a friend
thats all I can think of right now. I know there is more. but thats a pretty good list!

            So what makes you Happy??? share your thoughts