Saturday, February 14, 2009

Did someone say I cant fix the dryer? na no one would say I cant right!?

Cause if you did your so very very wrong!
So the dryer belt finally broke! Just so happens we knew it was going to, so we had a belt here waiting to be installed. After a long battle with the dryer it finally surrendered and gave way for a new belt! I have the battle wounds to prove it was a hard fight to win! It is working quietly to prove I won the fight!!!!! I am the ALPHA! rofl! or should it be "I am woman hear me roar!"
I had to use primitive tools (read did not have the right ones so I improvised) felt much like a cave woman must have felt at times when using a bone for a screw driver! I looked up directions on the web! They were not exactly accurate, but gave me enough info to figure it out and get it done!
The new belt is much happier on the dryer where it is busy doing its job, instead of sealed in a bag, wondering its fate. I promise it will get lots of use, lots of love and appreciation also!
Honestly I was pretty darn nervous. I had serious doubts as to weather or not I could take the dryer apart to get the new belt on. It was touch n go a few times. Most of my tools are at the new house, waiting for more plumbing work to be done! I did have to make do with what I could find. NOT EASY!
I thought since I have written about so many things I have learned to do over the last few years I better write about this to! Its right up there with fixing my van! Learning to change a battery! Fixing the washer! and learning to plumb!
Its been an interesting week for sure. I have learned a lot.

This next week will be very busy. We will be sorting and packing more. I already have some done. But not all. I still have to go pick up the boxes that were given to me. I am also going to be doing some part time work I hope. I got this months gas bill! OUCHIE! it is unreal. $717.00!!
Today being Valentines Day I made the kids dinner. Our new tradition is to have a nice dinner together. Usually something that Larry and I would have had together. This year we had steak, sauteed mushrooms, and baked potato. We made cookie dough ice cream for dessert! I was able to go see L today. He is doing pretty good. I am amazed every time I see him. He has changed so much, he is much more open with his feelings, and honesty. Willing to talk about anything, not clam up any longer.
I went to the doc again this week. We did some med changes. I am back on the Fentanyl patch. We decided to try it again. Last time I used them I had a strong reaction, but have since found out the ones I had were part of a batch that was recalled. So trying that again. He also changed my muscle relaxer. The one I was on was causing migraines. And then I had a cortisone shot in my hip. OUCH did that ever hurt. It was worse than a hep shot! But it is helping, right in the spot it was done. He suggested another between my pubic bone and hip. He does not do them himself, it would be the pain clinic to do it. I want to wait and see how well it works before going through it again, decide if its worth the pain. At this point I am thinking it would be, and possibly on my shoulder also. The patch is helping also, and not knocking me out this time! I prefer the patch, its a continuous dose, but with out the "high" so many narcotics give. So I am functioning fine. The Muscle Relaxer is helping. But instead of making me sleepy it wakes me up and I cant sleep at night. So I cant take it at night when I need it most. But that's ok I will deal. I prefer less mi grains. And they were getting bad from the Soma.
Over all I am happy with the med changes so far. Its only been a few days but I am not sleepy all the time and my pain level is down some. Not gone, but that will never happen.But I can tolerate it the way it is with this combo of meds.
Oh as you can see I am changing blog spots. I was tired of the problems I was having with the other place. I have this one,and its linked to the blog on the house.
It time to get kids in bed Morning comes early and we have Church tomorrow!
Drop me a note, let me know how life is! Keep in touch. Oh and if you click on any of the Ads on the blog I make $$ from it!
Love ya all!