Friday, February 27, 2009

What a week!

Well we are moved, still not unpacked but its all here. I am beat! between fixing and unpacking and doctor appointments its been a long week. I made an attempt at fixing the hot water heater, fixed one of its many problems. And in the end a plumber came and put in a new one today! He was very nice, and fit me in right away without charging me extra! Unfortunately he has to come back to fix the tub! The pipe to it is plugged, we have hot water every where but the tub! I so wanted a long hot shower, but I will have to wait. I am however going to go buy an extra long shower hose that will attach to the bathroom sink to use till its fixed. It will be sometime next week before he can come back, I am not waiting! I still have a few other plumbing things needing done in the house, I am going to have him look and see what he will charge to do it for me. If its cheap enough I may just have him do it and save my hands! I have learned a lot through this but I think plumbing is not my thing! I do have to thank my BIL. He was awesome at helping me through the fix it job I did! Thank you B. I still think he should come finish it- I promise breakfast!
We are almost all unpacked. Ok sorta almost all unpacked! We have lots less boxes. Unpacking all the books is like Christmas! I am finding books I forgot I had! I love it! And Baby E is so cute. She sings and dances as we unpack, and as she finds her favorite books. Its adorable. We are almost done getting all the school stuff out. That has been one of my main priorities. The kids have managed to do a little school this week, not much though. Next week they will be back to normal. Loo and Bubba have some testing to do.  Boo may be doing some testing also. 
I took mom(Gma) to the doc this week over the aneurysm. He says he has never seen one rupture where hers is, and hers is small. But he also has only seen one other in the place where hers is, that was with in the last few weeks. If he were to operate it would mean breaking her collar and sternum. He says its not worth the risk. He does not feel she is at risk for it rupturing. I am not really liking the wait till it blows approach. I think a 2ND opinion is in order. I understand not wanting to take a risk that's not necessary, and her health as a whole needs to be considered but I don't know a balloon waiting to explode in your neck/head just seems kinda risky in itself! So we will see. Other wise the doc says she is good, aside from another blockage right below the aneurysm 90%. Don't know if they are going to unblock it or not, he did not say much. She will see the other doc this next week. So we will see what he says. 
The kids are doing good. So far most of them are liking the new home, the yard and space. Boo is still not happy. Bubba likes it, I think. Loo has made friends across the sorta dirt road. More like a driveway, at the house Baby E thinks is a play ground. They are nice people. She runs a day care and always has kids there due to that. They have not had much chance to go explore town yet. They have not been very co operative on helping so I made them stay home. Next week we will go to the Library and check things out around town. The therapist they are seeing knows the sheriff, she has suggested a field trip there. Sorta introduce ourselves, that way they know the kids. So if the kids are out during school hours they know why. So I think we will do that, maybe the fire station as well. 
I had to go buy a new printer. Mine was broke during the move. I picked up a 4 in one this time. Prints, copy, fax and scan. I am tired of paying Office Max for faxes. It does ok pictures also. So that was my 1 splurge outta the taxes. The rest is bills and stuff we need. 
I went to the doc, had the injection in the hip done. Hurts, wowie! I was not sure about getting it done again. But after the 3rd day the pain from it let up, and it actually hurt less than before! Enough that I decided its worth getting the next 2. So on the 5th I go in for the 2nd, then 2 weeks later a 3rd. Hopefully they help. I saw improvement from the one so I think they will. I am back to the Fentaynl patch. Its better than having to take a pill every 4 hours. I am still in pain, but its helping. And this time I am not falling asleep every time I sit still. 
I am going to go back to work. The doc still says no but I cant make ends meet with out it. Waiting for disability to go through is a joke. They take forever, and make it impossible to survive.  I have really struggled with the decision to work again, I know I am not up to it, but I also know someone has to support the kids And I am it.
Nanna is in "H" most of the time. Since she is working there, and going to school there She stays at her friends and comes home on days off. The kids are all keeping the therapist there also. We really like her, I think she is worth the drive. I love her attitude, the kids liked her from the start. I also like the new med doc. She pays close attention, feels like less is best but when something is not working she is not afraid to make a change! I like that. She was willing to give Nanna something fro her anxiety attacks, and changed a few things, adding a med for anxiety disorders. This was a very good thing. She also made a little change to Sir N's meds. Unfortunately the local pharmacy does not carry his med and I did not know till I came home. So tomorrow I am off to "H" to get it.  I am also going to visit L tomorrow. 
Learning to use the wood burning stove to heat the house has been an experience! First I don't know what my problem was but I could not get a fire lit in that thing! I have no problem lighting a fire in a pit, but this messed with me. Call me weird, I know. The first night it went out real early. Each night after I got a little better and now well its warm enough inside to not need it! So I will be saving my wood, and buying more this summer for next winter. The heater upstairs is weird. Its effective. 
This little town is something. After my visit to the pharmacy I felt very strongly that I should continue to fill my meds where I already do. So I am keeping meds filled there, at least for now.  The grocery store is small and very expensive. Not surprising, its a small town. Some of the people are very friendly, others not so much. Its got that small town feel. I think a lot of the people are the kind that only accept you if you always been here. Luckily I don't care!
We made it to the new Ward Sunday! It was very different. The people were very nice! We were invited to dinner this next Sunday. So we will be going to someones home. I cant remember who. Terrible I know. Boo says "you expect me to eat at a strangers house, and you cant even remember their names?" "Yes sirree I sure do"  We have not been to some ones home for dinner in a long time. It should be interesting. I liked the ward and felt pretty comfy there. I was asked by one person if my husband moved with us. I said "were sorta separated" she said "well that don't sound to final, that's good" I said "we will see" And that's as far as that conversation went. I figure we will wait at least 1 Sunday before jumping in there with all the info! See if they can come up with some good gossip themselves!
Tried to leave Baby E in Primary, did not go well. They ended up bringing her to me, she sobbed herself to sleep. And continued to sob in her sleep for a long time. Made me feel terrible. I think I will give her a while longer before I try it again. Let her adjust. Maybe get her around her teacher more. The primary is big, so is the Young Women's! The boys enjoyed themselves in Young Men's. This week is Fast Sunday. I am fasting for several friends. I love fast Sunday. It will be different to eat with another family on fast Sunday. Have not done so in so long. I think since Ind Mo days! I have missed it. We did it a couple times when living in Utah. Not much though.
Chubby went to Primary with no problem. He loves Primary though, and hanging out with other kids and people. Anyone that will let him talk for a minute. Sir N tried to refuse but in the end he went. He liked it also. I am so proud of him for going. Its been so hard for him in the past and we were scattered. He did not have his ear plugs but he still did great! He has been going with out them. Loo went, she liked it. She came home with the # of a girl in her class. She was excited to have girls in her class!
I just realized its almost time for Sir N to be Baptized! 3 more months! Can you believe it! I would love to have family here for him. He is scared of the water. He says he does not want to go in the water. So I don't know how I will get him talked into it. I will be praying lots and I think some Family Home Evenings on it. And just keep prepping him till he is ready and comfortable with it. 
I cant think of much else to write. We have just been busy trying to settle in. Every box I unpack seems to find me 4 more! Every time I think I have all the books unpacked I find more. I still have not found my skillet. My crock pot broke on the move. So I need a new one. Tomorrow after my visit I am going to go hunt for one. Hope I can find one I can afford.
So some of you friends and family write once in a while! We would love to hear from you!
And Thank you again B for helping me with my plumbing adventure! Now come finish up! Bacon and sausage with sourdough pancakes!!???  I know I know, to far to drive. But I have to offer, I'll feed the whole crew!