Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012! starts out great!

January is starting out to be awesome! After 5 years, tears, prayers, struggles, and basically being a single momma my husband is home! yup Larry is back. we have worked with a therapist for family therapy and it was approved for him to come home a week ago! I spent a lot of time knowing what the Lord wanted me to do, knowing he can make anything happen but being unsure how we would heal and work through everything, but here I am now seeing how the Lord can do anything! I am so grateful. were still working through some things, and will always have obstacles inour path Iam sure, but I know that if we work together, including the Lord inour life, our famiy and marriage we can work through anything and be better off. Larry moved in last weekend. The kids were excited. When bubba was told we were at home, he looked at Larry and said "why are you here ten instead of moving your stuff?" It was funy. Baby E. oves her daddy and clings big time. She reverts at times, instead of 6 you would think she was 1 or 2. We expected that, the therapist said to expect regression in the kids in some areas. It is nice to have my husband and best friend back home. I no longer feel like 1/2 of me is gone. We both learneda lot over the last few years, I am amzed daily by the things I see inLarry, changes, and by the love I feel from and for him. We talk alot with the kids, and still have therapy as a family. I want to make sure everything is worked through the right way, and that when any issues coke up they are talked about, and the kids know they cancome to me or Larry at any time over anything.
We have had a lot of family time, and plan on more! Larry works near home now, and thats nice. We have not done much other than get to know eachother more, have family time, work on the house! Larry has changed my roomaround for me and is helping me get it set up the way I want.  I have more shelf space in my room now! and hope to get all my herbs into jars labeled and on shelfs so I can get to them easier!  many thimgs I have not been able to do because of my health ar being caught up on ow with Larry here to do it. Thats been nice because things have driven me crazy here.  W e have work to do to stay a family, but so worth i.
What else, oh ya I gave inand have been getting the epidural suggested for my sciatica. Its a series of 3 injections, I have had 2 and have one to go. the first helped a lot, the second not so much so far, but we will see what happens after number 3 is done. I cant drive for 8 hours after each injection, lol doing good to walk after, my legs turns to rubber. I hope it helps a lot cause next is surgeryand I dont wanna do that.
I do not know if I mentioned it already but I finished my Reflexology course! Iam working on my temperament course now and started my master herbs course! ok time to get some sleep. would. ove to hear from family and friends.
oh heres a few oics of kids and life here