Friday, December 30, 2011


The last day of the year is tomorrow! December brought lots of good things for our family! We made our gifts again for Christmas this year. It was fun, but crazy! I have got to start earlier in the year with the making. I did not get the gifts all done in time, I am still working on some of them. We had a good Christmas any way.
We were able to spend Christmas with Larry(dad) the first in a few years! It was awesome! The kids loved it. He made everyone quilts for Christmas! They turned out awesome. I have pics to share but that will have to wait until another day, maybe over the weekend I will get them up. Chubby's blanket has a stuffed elephant on it! it is adorable. Baby E(not a baby anymore now 6 years old) has care bear on hers, it is not finished yet, he ran out of time as well! But when it is done will be adorable! Sir N has a stuffed goose on his blanket, it is cool looking. Bubba's is very nice, so is Loo's. He made a nice one for Boo also! He made a beautiful quilt for Gma, and he made me an absolutely beautiful quilt. I love it. I did not even know until right before Christmas that he had made me one! He managed to keep a secret! lol
Christmas day was good. We had dinner and spent the day as a family. Nanna was not here, they spent it with Nates family. I missed her being here for it all but we went to her apartment for a while Christmas night and exchanged gifts. It is strange when your children are adults and the way Christmas is done changes. Not to sure I like the growing up thing!
what else, Oh I know, Sir N made me an awesome lounge tunic. It is big and soft. I can wear it when my pain is high, even when I hurt to be touched. The material does not hurt me and it is big giving me room. it is easy to put on and take off! and warm! I love it. I also have a new to me rocking chair. It is comfy, I can sit in it with out it hurting me! So I can be in the frontroom with the kids for more than 15 minutes at a time!! Before all I had was my glide rocker to sit in and it hurt me. After 15 to 20 minutes I had to lay down. It has driven me nuts. So now I can be up more with the family! Not stuck in my room in bed alone! The kids were given hand made jewelry and hats I knitted for them. We have a new tea pot for the family. I made tea mats for them, still finishing loo's. Loo and I made jiggly soaps and crayon soaps for them. That was fun. The jiggly soaps are cool. They jiggle like jello jigglers do.
I think one of the best gifts we got was 2 days before Christmas we got the ok to start the process of Larry returning home. The family therapist, kids therapists, his therapist and all people involved feel he needs to be home now, that its time! We have 1 final ok to go and he will move home! He already has a job near by!
what else happened in December? Baby E turned 6! I can not believe my baby is 6 now! She is growing up so fast, so smart and sweet! Her Birthday was good. I have pictures of it as well to post, just need to find time.
I returned to work this month as well. So not only am I in school, working my business but also working for westathome again.
We spent a day at a friends celebrating Hanukkah. It was fun to see how they do things and take part.
I think thats about it, or at least all I can think of right now! I will share the pics I have soon.
I will try to tomorrow or at least by the end of next week. lol maybe............
Hope everyone had an awesomely Merry Christmas and that your New year celebration is great. Be safe whatever your doing!
mom Jae