Friday, August 5, 2011

August 2011

Summer breaks almost at an end, school starts soon for kids. I have been busy planning our school year. Hope it will be fun and good! I am on new stuff for narcolepsy. It keeps me awake pretty good, and boosts energy ok also. Never will I be normal but that's ok, never have been!
We have had such high temps I have not managed to take kids camping still, big time stinks but oh well. L bought the kids a swing set! They LOVE it! They have had so much fun swinging and sliding its been fun watching them. He also got us new hose that's not full of holes, the kids put it through the slide handle and away they go, mini water slide! Cools them down and fun!
Gma has been enjoying walking the kids to the park this year! Even though she has not been feeling her best she has been able to walk with them and enjoy it. its been nice to see her be able to.
I have my disability hearing on the 12th. Hopefully this is the last of it and they approve it. My attorney is sure they will. My docs are sure also. My pain specialist is sure and hopes they do. I do not have to have any witness's with me. Just me, attorney and medical records. I guess I am supposed to move when I need to, if I have to stand, walk, sit or whatever I am supposed to. I am wondering what I am to do when I need to lay down? Maybe I outta take me a blanket n pillow!? I am a little nervous over the whole thing. After that I guess it will be 4 months until a decision is made and I find out, then another few months until I get the first check. I hope it wont take as long as I am being told. I am going to catch up and thinking if I can find a small car it would be nice. I almost cant get in and out of my van any more due to pain. If I get in and out more than about 2 times with out it hurting to much. There have been times when I have been shopping with L and he has to help me in and out and even with help it almost does not happen. But on a good note! PT has been helpful. It has not cured, fixed, or anything and it wont but I have some answers and have been able to use the info to help the pain at times!!!! Also I have been working on my trigger points daily and that helps my pain also.
Oh ya heres one! I have had such swollen feet for several years that I have worn a size 11 wanna be tennis shoe, normally I wear a 7. Well about a month ago my right ankle popped loud and well loud! lol after that the pain let up in some places and the swelling went away! So still have some pain but not like before. Still did not have shoes that were decent or right size to wear. I tried several pair but they all hurt. So L suggested I try men's shoes. I thought he was nuts but hey why not try! So we found a pair and I tried them! They do not hurt! they are wider and slightly different, not sure how or why but I am able to wear them! So I got a new pair of shoes, first time in I think 2-3 years! So I put them on and they give support that helps ease the pain in my foot and ankle that is left! As long as I have a shoe on my pain in right foot stays at a 5 or below usually! I can be on it a lot and no swelling! it will get a little puffy but that's all. When my shoe is off I wrap it and brace it, first thing in AM shoes are on! for those that do not know I HATE SHOES!!
ok gonna post this, pics coming soon!