Wednesday, January 12, 2011

howdy all

lifes crazy as always. Holidays are over! and trying to get back to a "normal" routine. funny I know! I was going over school stuff, what we have done so far this year. I was feeling stressed about it, though we were way behind where I wanted us to be, my usual. When I was going over it all I was shocked! We have done a lot! I have not posted near as much as usual, I am slacking! I am very happy with what the kids have done so far!
We built a volcano last week, lots of natural disaster talk going on! One of these days soon I want to make it to the Airplane museum in Wichita! Sir N is doing some amazing cooking these days! His spagettie is a hit, we cant get enough. I have the recipe to share with ya'll!
He made a Vegan chocolate cake that was soooooo good! Could not get enough! I was so amazed at how good the cake was. We had found a recipe for one, but did not like some of it, so by the time I got through changing it we had a totally different recipe than started out with. LOL! It was good! Examiner
Chubs has his first 2 adult teeth! He is very happy bout them! I was reading about children and getting teeth and ages to start reading and writing, recognizing alphabet. How a lot of children show no signs of readiness and then teeth come in and they are ready, usually around 7 years old. I was shocked when I was rolling what I had read round my head, and suddenly he is excited over teeth, and recognizing letters he had struggled with! I had been worried about him, catching things slower than the others did, he has caught on to different things over the last year but still worried me. Now all the sudden he is a sponge, soaking it all up and retaining it finally!
We have been talking and studying COB! I have wanted to build a cob home for years, I have my home designed. The kids are doing an architecture and we are adding COB building onto it. It will be a long study, we will do a lot come spring- Summer! Kids are talking a bench to sit on, BBQ/Fire pit, possible Gazebo if I am brave enough to let them attempt it! Several small projects being planned.
I have had some unexpected business inhterest sent my way. Not sure if it will do much, but would be nice if it did. I also did an interview on teaching math for another business. scroll down some to find it. Interview
Bubba had a birthday the 7th! He is growing so fast! it amazes me! Boo has one this week, he will be 17 years old! waaaaa
While setting small goals for myself has been something I try to do all the time, I usually dont make them public. But I have made a goal to be able to walk the Autism Walk in Wichita in April!
will post again soon! give you all time to read the links posted, share your thoughts, and consider a pledge for walking~