Friday, November 6, 2009

house kids school life update finally

Ya ya I know its been a while! But I am back!!! I had surgery as ya'll know, recovered from that! I keep getting crud though, flu now. Hope the kids do not get it. I have been sick off and on. Starting to get over the flu now, hope its gone soon. Mainly now I am dizzy and tired. So now onto life.......
We are doing some big time work on house, well house and garage. Had a dead line we are trying to hit, next weekend for insurance. My sick slowed me down big time. My awesome Bro C is here still helping me. He has worked his rear off. So have the kids! You would be amazed at my children! Sir N has filled wheel barrows full and pushed them around loading, unloading, its amazing to watch! Boo has worked daily also with Bro C. They work most of the day until I am exhausted watching. Yes me watching, making me crazy but I amazingly am not in any shape to right now. WAAAAAAAAAA! I hate it.
So we had some help from Church Members to pull the garage down. Then help from a friend helping to move some around, we have been burning and burning and burning. Bro C paid for a BIG dumpster to be here so they are filling it now. We still have a lot to go. I am praying for more help. Its driving me nuts to watch and not be able to help. I love to do this stuff. But right now between flu and fibro is to bad I cant. Maybe by next repairs I will be ready to do work, I hope. Bubba has been out helping also! The kids have ALL helped in whatever ways they can. When its something dangerous they are not allowed but when they can they help. BabyE watered my dead garden while we burned. lol Burn pile was a ways from the garden, close enough to have the hose with her but near me if I needed it, and her away from fire, but I could watch her. and she thought she was helping. She carried sticks to Uncle C to throw in the fire. It was cute. Nanna has helped also. I have a good family. I am grateful for my brother coming. He came to help me with the kids and stuff for surgery, did not expect him to stay so long or end up having to do all this and needing him for this stuff also. I am grateful he is here and willing.
I had the chimney cleaned and all that. The awesome guy that did it also sells wood! He custom cuts my wood burning stove size! Delivers and stacks! I bought some and he came by to see if we needed more, we did but were a few days from pay day. He ended up bringing my LOTS gave me a totally awesome deal and is letting me make 2 payments for what I got. If I need more he will bring it. This guy has been awesome! I will be buying ongoing from him, also going to keep trying to get what I can free, once I can get into my van doors easier. Right now hauling is a pain with them not all opening. But e have wood to keep warm through the winter!
Kids are ok in school. I have been stressing over it big time since I have been so sick recently. We had parent teacher conf with the charter school they are through today. They are happy with the kids work! So I am going to stop stressing! She said look kids are great! Work is good. They are ALL pulling A's and B's! Chubby is going to have some testing done soon, see if he is somewhere in the autistic spectrum or what. They will do whatever I need to help when thats done and I know whats up with him more. If I pull him out and work independently with him for a while depending on what the results are of his testing they will let me keep his supplies to use for him and continue to help what they can. I think if I can find out more of whats on in his mind I can work with him better to help him. He is smart, just not grasping things the same as the others. In many ways he reminds me of the aspie traits of my boys but different. So we will see.
Any way it goes I am no longer working, disability has been applied for all paper work in. Waiting on a decision. So I can focus on home and kids again. I am happy about that but stressed over trying to make ends meet on that. Plus I had a goal of self sufficient by now, not stopping work for disability. But The fibro and other stuff just to much. I will continue with my schooling and my own stuff though. I am allowed to do that. So who knows eventually with school I may learn enough and be able to recover, or at least make enough with the skills learned to support us with out disability. I hope, I know I do not intend on being on disability forever. I dont want to but I know right now I am not capable of working. I am in to much pain and the stress adds to it and its a cycle I hate. On the upside, more time to be mom! for kids school! for my school! These are good things. I am trying not to freak over $$. Not doing great at it but oh well. I did not work enough to get regular disability, I will get SSI disability and because I am married still they will use Larry's work credits for me to get it.I wont get a lot but some, enough to help some.
We are busy here. Doing house, garage stuff. Trying to gear up for Thanksgiving! halloween came so fast I forgot to even decorate. kids did get pumpkins though! We will decorate for Turkey day this week hopefully. Kids are already having their issues over time of year pop up. Trying for ways to get around that. Its not working. But trying. I hate that its messed it up for them. Me and Loo have had some talks that were emotional and I hope to help her. She also just started working with a case manager for therapy also, hopefully that will help her. Mom and I are rolling around ideas to help and try. Who knows.
I have pics of Halloween. I will put on here for ya'll to see. And some pics of other stuff. Just have to get to it. Will try to add them here soon today! maybe before ya'll even read this I will do it
pics of house, garage and other stuff coming soon also!