Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just to answer a few questions about business

So both my sites were down and when came back most of the info was gone! So I have help and am working hard to get them back up and running. In the mean time if anyone needs a service or product email me at I am hoping to have them completed soon. You can go to Renaissance of Natural Healing now, Its not complete but it is up.
I am still filling orders and providing service. If you want to know more contact me. I can let you know more about services, cost, products whatever your interested in knowing.
For those that have asked to know more about my business I have 2. One is all natural products, soaps, cleaners, shampoo, hair spray and much more. There are natural healing products, lotions, creams and rubs for aches and pains, cuts, bites, burns, oatmeal baths, herbal baths, bath salts, and my own special bath mix like nothing you ever had! I have gift packs so much more.
If you are in need of something and dont see it listed, or if its before my site is up let me know I may be able to custom make for you. I do a lot of that. Let me know your needs and wants I may be able to help. I make more than I have listed.

My 2nd business is Natural Healing. I use a variety of methods. My focus in the beginning is Nutritional Healing, much more than diet and what you eat. I can work with clients far away due to phones, IM, email, web cam! If its something hands on you want, reflexology or something you need to be near but otherwise you can be away and I can help. I offer different packages and payment options. I specialize in Pregnancies, Nursing moms, Families, Special Needs like Autism, Aspergers, ADHD, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Pain control and pain causing illness, and much more. I offer family packages, individual and couples. I have a variety of offers.
I have low costs because I want all to get care when they need it. I do not want money to keep a person from seeking help. I have payment arrangements also. And unlike other places if you make payments I do not tack on a lot extra, I charge a small fee for each payment, aprox $5.00 each payment to cover the cost of each payment and paper work for me.
I do not furnish supplements and other stuff. If its something I sell on you can get it from me, other wise I will give you my recomendations and you will need to purchase separately. I can give you places to buy, or I can purchase for you through my suppliers and sell it to you at my cost. I do get many discounts. So you would save money that way. Its up to each client. There are many things I make and sell on Essence Thru The Ages, some thats not on the site. So my clients should always ask if they are interested in buying from me, other wise you will need to go else where
Why do I do it that way? Well I do not want the 2 business's ran together, or for clients to feel I am pushing My product on them, or my customers to feel I am pushing them into being a client. So they are 2 business's, ran separate. for Natural Healing.

I also have a promotional deal going. Any one thats interested can take part just email me
If you want to take part heres what we do
I send you flyers for one or both business, along with business cards, I put a code on then that is unique to every one doing it. You leave them all over. Keep them with you and leave them every where you go, if you talk to someone you think may be interested give them one. For every sale made due to your flyer you get your choice, money, discount on service or product, or save it and get free service or product. So if your interested in this let me know as well. I am working on sample packs to sell, that you will be able to purchase for a low cost. If interested in 1 let me know.