Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lady Jae's................

ok so business talk here. I am trying to come up with a name for business, and I have a name for the line of products I make and will be selling!!!!! Took us forever, my mom actually picked this one. It will be............ are you ready??????
how about.............................................

ok here goes
Lady Jae's and then whatever the product is
for example Lady Jae's massage oil
Lady Jae's toothpaste
Lady Jae's hair care- B soda balls, rinse, hair spray
and so on! What ya think?
So I am working on a logo for labels and for web site when I figure
here are pics to go on labels, tell me what you think, favorites?
Also looking for a business name that will cover everything when done with school. I plan on the line of products I am coming up with to be a part of it. So any ideas? I will be a Naturopathic Healer, with Masters in Herbology, a few other Masters also. Need ideas of using Lady Jae in that.
Throw out some thoughts please!!!

I prefer the ones in the waterfall. So what can I put together that would let people know I am a naturopathic healer when done with school?
Let Nature Heal you, guided by Lady Jae
Nature Heals
any ideas???? I will be doing all of the following when done
Nutritonal Healing
So throw out some thoughts please
When I figure it all out I will share, and if someone submits an idea and I choose it I will send you free samples of some of my products!