Friday, July 10, 2009

little on life and health issues

So I figure an update may be good. Things have been nuts here! So lets see where to start?
Kids are good. Summer is here, no school now until we start again! Yahoo! We needed a break. They are enjoying playing and no studying. I am studying more, no work right now so I am trying to study more so I am at least a little productive. Filling out lots of job apps looking for work. I may have one, not sure.
Mom-G-ma had another heart cath and stent put in yesterday. 24 hour stay at the hospital. She is home recovering now. She is ok.
I am looking at a hysterectomy. I thought it would be scheduled today but its not. I will know soon when, doc wants to try before the first of next month. I am having pretty mixed feelers over this. I know it will solve many of the issues I have been having, thats good. I am dont having babies, no plans for more, yet it still makes me emotional to know I am closing the door for good. But considering all options tried so far have not worked and I cant go driving around passing out while at the wheel due to extreme blood loss, gotta do something. Options were few, it was a hard choice. There was really only 1 close runner up, and I did not feel ok with it. Not real ok with the decision I did make but well have to do something. Wish I was further in my schooling and new what I could do that way. But then again, I have stumped acupuncturist some, and she has gotten no where. I will do a 24 hour hospital stay and then 4 weeks to recover. I get a Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy. No big scar on the tummy, less time to heal, 1 ovary left and cervix stays also.
What else, school is good. Learning and enjoying it.
Garden is ok. Birds and who knows what else have enjoyed feasting on it. I need to get out there this week and do more weeding and stuff.
Chubby is doing so much better with no dairy! Its made a huge difference! We are cutting out gluten slowly, hard to do. I do not know that it will help but trying it to see. The improvement with the dairy gone is unreal. Its amazing how much we consume with dairy. I never thought of it before. He can have goat and sheep cheese. He drinks almond milk, I have been making it. I was going to make coconut milk, have not yet. Maybe tomorrow I will do it. He likes the coconut and almond milk. Does not like rice or soy. I am thinking about getting some coconut flavoring to put in the rice milk and try it, see if he likes it then. But ten again its easy to make the almond milk.
My pasta maker arrived! I am going to make up a bunch of pasta and dry it so we have it already made. it will be easier for everyone while I recover.
We are doing ok. I am taking it easy not feeling to great, but could be worse. Looking for work, trying to enjoy kids. The weather has ben hot and humid. Kids are adorable. I will put up new pics soon!
Would love to her from family and friends