Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Laundry soap!

I love this stuff, it smells good, takes out stains, whitens, removes odors and is cheap! Its chemical free so it does not cause anyone here a rash or breathing issues, no migrains or vomiting when I do laundry! so here it is, I posted a link about it before but never the recipe I use here is my personal recipe
3 quarts hot water on stove heat(can use smaller amount if pan wont hold that much make sure its enough to dissolve powders)
add 2 cups Yucca root(mine is ground)
3 cups baking soda
3 cups borax
mix and heat till dissolves- watch close it will bubble and come out fast
pour into 5 gallon bucket
add 3 cups vinegar
tea tree oil- not sure how much I use I just add what I want probably 2 or 3 TBS, maybe more, as I do laundry on real nasty loads I add more to the washer
any other oils you want I used orange, lavender, pine tree, eucalyptus oils to mine this time.
I use enough to make it smell how I want. So use what oils you want in amount you want, a tsp each is about right, give or take some!
mix well fill bucket the rest of way
I fill an old laundry soap bucket and put my bucket away, refilling laundry soap container as needed. This stuff works great(even mom agrees and she is picky and was hard to convince home made laundry soap would be ok)
I made this new batch not telling kids, PeekaChoo came down stairs wanting to know what he could smell, the smell took over the whole house! It smells good! The only chemical or close to it in this is the borax.
You can purchase Yucca root online at can purchase online at http://www.frontiercoop.com/products.php?ct=hchhaz&cn=Yucca+Root
it is expensive but I bought my bag in 2006, I have enough left to make at least one more batch of laundry soap, I have made many already. 1 batch lasts about 3 months with my family of 9 people-2 that have accidents a lot(mostly BM from ds with bowel issues) We do laundry daily, at least 3 loads a day. So its worth it. I use regular baking soda, not the kind some but for cleaning, it works the same.