Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Moving again!

Only this time I am buying! I have been talking to the owner and looks like its a go! Its an older home- very older, needs work but most I can do my self! Its on 1 acre! Has a chicken coup! A fenced in pasture! I am psyched! We will be in the country again! But not far from the town. Church will be a drive again- around 45 minutes. So that's a bummer but done it before I can do it again! The kids have not seen the house yet, they will sometime in the next week hopefully. Not sure of a move date yet, but am hoping for the 14Th. I am still having to come up with the moving costs, and not sure how I will swing that. A Uhaul would be the easiest way to move but that's $$ I don't have at the moment. If We try to do it in trucks and trailers from ward members I really cant see it happening easily. With 9 people to move its a lot of stuff. I will be thinning but still its a lot.
But it will work out somehow! I am looking forward to having chickens again, and a big garden. Plenty of room! No neighbors 2 feet from me watching everything we do! The house has a big garage, and a shed. There are 3 bathrooms. And potential for 5 bedrooms. I will be doing some remodeling to the upstairs. It is currently an apartment. I will change that and make all the rooms bedrooms.  It has a cellar full of canning stuff!!! A Dishwasher! 2 Fridges! so with the fridge I already own I will have 3! No more trying to cram it all in!! When I do my big shopping every month its always a hassle to fit it all in. Even with my deep freezer, I fill it all so that will be nice to have extra. The cellar will be a good shelter in case of a tornado! It has a wood burning stove!! Lower gas bill here I come! I am so tired of the $550 a month gas bill now, and we still get cold! It has 2 separate heaters, one down and one up. The porch is already stacked with wood to burn! It will finish out this winter with left overs. And there is lots of dry wood, trees down on the property that we can cut and stack for next year! I am excited, it is a little scary to take on the responsibility myself. But that's OK, life's like that. I have dealt with so much in the past few years by myself, things I never thought I would. I can do this. It will need painting badly, and new carpet in a few areas. I can do all that. The carpet I have never done but I guess I will learn. I do have to replace a pipe, and some plumbing under the sink ASAP. But its small repairs that I can do easy. Right now my biggest obstacle is getting our stuff there!  I am praying on how to do that, ways to get the money I need for it. So far everything else has worked out. Kinda stumped now but I know the Lord will provide a way somehow. I just need to find the somehow.
So thats our exciting news this week! We are moving! I am buying a house! And I am excited! When I go nect time I will take my camera and snap some pics to post!
If anyone comes up with any great ideas on the moving let me know what you think!
Moms heart prodcedure Monday was not able to make any repairs. they need to do further testing. One stent that was put in has partially caved in. And the aneurysm is right below an artery going to the brain, making it harder to treat. They are doing more detailed tests on the 10th and 12 to decide what to do. She is looking at a major surgery for the aneurysm and possibly open heart for that. We wont know for sure until the 3rd of March. Thats when she will meet with the doc over test results and decide on plan of action. So we are continuing to pray all goes well. Its in the Lords hands, hopefully he guides the doctors to know whats best.
Love the Huffins!