Sunday, January 25, 2009

hand in hand

                     Oct 5,2008

Couples walking hand in hand
jealousy running through me
Reminding me of the past
Making my heart ache
No anger directed at them 
for having what I don’t
 maybe just a little?
 I am missing it
wanting it back
I want to walk hand in hand
Having your hand in mine 
Couples walking hand in hand
Leaving me wondering 
what is the reality that I really will have that again?
Am I fooling myself?
Wishful thinking and dreaming
Most days I think I am a fool
It will never happen again
Only behind a fence
Never in real life?
Or can it be?
I don’t know
Do you?
Are we both fooling ourselves?
Or can it ever be?
I will love you forever 
      And ever