Monday, July 14, 2008


Wait for what? For you? Or for me? Him?
I hear the words ring out clear in my head, clear in my heart
I ask again wait for what? For you? For him? For me?
Who oh Lord am I waiting for?
Still I wait, I visit, I write, I talk, he talks, you prompt I listen
I wait and wait and ask why?
Sometimes I feel on the edge of an answer, its almost there, just around the corner, the next bend
I wonder can I hold on, can I hang on around the next bend and find out why I wait?
And I wait and I ask Why?
More Silence…………..
I feel an answer, its small, its only partial but I feel it deep with in my heart.
I wait for him, to see if he will do as the Lord wants, as he needs. Only The Lord will know, he will tell me.
I wait to know if I want to stay married, no rushing into rash decisions, slowly, one step at a time, do I want to wait? Do I want to go?
I wait….
For now…….
it’s the only decision I can make, and really God has made it for me when he says wait
If he says go I will go
There really is no silence is there?
Not when God is around, within, everywhere .