Thursday, August 15, 2013

Schools around the corner and other thoughts that may run through my mind as I type this update!

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I last updated here! Sorry bout that! Life has been crazy and as usual I forget to update here! So I looked to see when I last updated and wow it has been a while! Sorry! So I guess a lot has happened since my last post. So what have we been up to?? Larry was hurt at work, his hand went through a machine and it amputated part of his left hands ring finger. The doctor in the ER was amazing and was able to reattach it. It will never be the same as before the injury but it is there! He was off work for a while over that one. The kids are all good. They took part in the Library Summer reading program again! Loo read the most books for her grade! Sir N read the most for his grade! Baby E and Chubby both had lots read and won lots of prizes. They all won lots of prizes. They enjoyed the challenge of reading the most. They ended the contest with a pool party at the local pool and some drawings for prizes. We went and they had fun.
We have some friends in town that had a good sized pool and were given another one that was bigger so they gave us the one they had! It has been a lot of fun for the kids to have a pool here to swim and play in. We have been camping 1 time this year. It has rained so much that we have not been able to camp as much as we would like to. But the one time we went was more than 1 night and we had lots of fun! We plan on going more. Just need less rain and the ground to dry up so we can. 
We have not done much this summer mostly just stay home, relaxing, swimming in our pool, being lazy. We cleaned up a corner of the yard that has trees on 2 sides for privacy! and set up my porch swing and camp chairs there for a nice relaxing place to sit and relax and enjoy each other and friends. Its been a fun spot to sit and BBQ. 
We are in a different ward. Boundaries changed! So far we are enjoying the new ward. We also have a new Missionary center in Wichita with more Missionaries! We have Sisters in our ward now! With Larry's work schedule we have not been able to feed Missionaries. Now that we have Sister Missionaries we can! and HAVE! Since we are 45 minutes from Church we do not have the luxury of having the Missionaries in town every day to sign up to feed them so I just let them know if they will be in town and know it let me know ahead of time and I would love to feed them! So we have fed them dinner one time and they have visited us a couple times. We have been able to get to know another lady in the ward as well. She was the Missionaries ride. 
I have talked to the Young Women's President and Loo and the next youth Temple Trip I will chaperon and Loo will go as well! That will be in about 3 months! I am excited and look forward to that. I have not been to the Temple in a long time and Loo has never been. It will be her first time! 
Sir N is 12 now so he could go as well! Maybe he will go as well. We are slowly working on getting them to attend their classes on Sundays. 
We did not grow a large garden this year. We have some tomato plants and a few different pepper plants. And my herbs. I have spearmint,peppermint,chocolate mint, orange mint, cat nip, rosemary, lemon thyme, thyme, basil, 2 kinds of oregano, 3 kinds of lavender, and I cant remember what else. Oh and I have LOTS of Mullein growing all over the property. So we are working on containing it to one area and having a nice sized mullein patch. All summer long and spring we had these other plants popping up, I have said "don't kill it, move it so its not in the way, I know this plant but cant think of the name right now" So we have moved these plants with purple flowers. The kids and I were playing the game Wild Craft(about herbs) and I picked a card for Comfrey! Took one look and realized the plants I have been moving and protecting all spring and summer have been Comfrey plants! lol. felt kinda dumb for not being able to name the plants but grateful that I now know the name and that I have many growing here, I use Comfrey in many of the things I make. Comfrey salve is a big seller in my etsy store. So if I can get enough growing here I wont need to buy it anymore! I will know it is chemical free! and I love that idea! Exciting
Hmmm what else. Mom went on vacation a few months ago. She went from here to Roy's then Utah and back to Roy's. She decided to stay there. So she is now living in Colorado with Roy and Elesha. The kids have adjusted pretty good to having her gone. Chubs and Baby E had a hard time at first but are OK now. Loo stepped up and helps with dishes. Larry does them when he is off work, I try to help him as much as I can. When he is working Loo does them, I help her as much as I can. 
The others do their chores and the house stays in pretty good shape most of the time. 
We are getting ready for our school year to start! We will start September 9! We are going to the Kansas State fair for our 1st day! We are all excited! We love the fair! With Larry home again and me not working I am going back to schooling more like I used to! I have to be more organized with my medical issues. I am planning the year out like I used to. But am putting the materials we will use together by month to be used. Or at least that's my plan. I am trying to come up with a good way to keep everything organized by month to be used. All Septembers unit info in Sep box or something and so on. I do not dare just use boxes though so I need ideas. If anyone has good ideas I would love to hear them. 
We will have a good year. We are planning lots of fun units. The younger kids have never done a unit on rain forests, solar system or volcano's. So we are going to do them again! I am looking forward to them. I had a lot of fun the first time with the older kids. I think it will be funner now, since I did it before and know things I would have done differently. and I know what worked good! 
I have been feeling a lot better for the most part the last few months. I have been able to start walking again! I still use a walker and wheelchair at times. Walker if I am walking anything other than around the house. But I have managed to walk to the park, library and school. I have been able to take over cooking again! I do almost all of it again! The kids and Larry help when I need help or when they want to. It has been nice. I still hurt 24/7 but most of the time with meds it is tolerable! My narcolepsy is unfortunately untreated right now. My doc moved and I have to see a new one. So I am without meds for it and have been having a very hard time staying awake. I fall asleep doing all kinds of stuff, pretty much anything. So for the time being I am not able to drive at all, not even here in town. So that part stinks but hopefully the new doc will  put me on something the insurance will cover. Our current insurance no longer covers what I use. Next month our insurance changes back to blue cross! I am hoping that turns out to be a good thing. 
I am doing good in school. If I could manage to stay awake long enough I would be done with my herb course! I have 1/2 a quiz left to do. I am still enjoying school a lot. Business is going OK. Right now it is slower but that's OK, I couldn't keep up with more right now. Hopefully soon I will be able to do more and will get more business. 
That's it for now. Cant think of much else to say. We love family and friends and miss you all. We would love to hear from you all! Feel free t email us or comment here. I hope everyone has had a great summer. 
           Lady Jae