Thursday, August 9, 2012

moving furniture, changing rooms around what else......

So it was the weekend, for most this would mean  relaxing hang out with family, re energize for the coming week. But NOT for my husband weekend means work harder than his normal job, as long of hours, doing hard work! This time was very productive! I LOVE the final outcome! now if you remember back a few weeks I got a new kitchen table! It was hard to part with my old very loved table, but I am learning to love the new table! It is rounded at the corners giving the appearance of a smaller table, and in some ways it is smaller. It is a touch longer, but not as wide at the ends. So any way back to the weekend! We had a long work  bench type table in the kitchen to store food and other stuff on it. I had wanted to put it in the laundry room but it was too long to fit. But Larry has handy tools, saws! He removed a little of each end of the work bench! made it fit! So we moved it to the laundry room! It is now an appliance center! He mounted a surge protector to the front so I have space to plug things in. We have all my appliances arranged nicely! Including my new very loved Ninja Blender! I organized the food that had been on the lower shelf and storage under the table on the floor.

pictures of my appliance counter!!! SO PSYCHED!

Ninja Blender! My newest kitchen gadget!

 hot water pot for making herbal tea! Set up so Emma can make herbal teas!

shelf above the counter to hold more appliances!

Kitchen table, in the kitchen!
So now the kitchen is clean and had space for my kitchen table! So Larry put the table in the kitchen! It is a slightly tight fit but it works. We have to fold up the folding chairs when not using them, but that's not a big deal.It makes it easier for food prep! we have the appliance center out in the laundry area with roasting pan, crock pots, ninja blender, rice cooker, steamers, toaster and any grinders! We have the table in the kitchen to use instead of the deep freezer to make food on!!! Maybe my deep freezer will last a little longer
With the table out of the front room we have a real front room! we have space! We can move! It is sooo awesome I love it! My Teeter inversion table is in the front room so it is easier to use! I have plenty of floor space to do my Tai Chi and TTAPP!!! I am so excited! When I bought the house I was sure the table would fit in the kitchen, but it didn't. So we have had the table in the front room since. It has driven me nuts! Now I have more space and with all this comes more organization!!! The school stuff is more organized! The kitchen,food, spices, tea, and tea stuff all more organized!
These are pictures of the kids at the small town fair we went to the other day!

The coming school year is coming soon! We will officially start September 10th by going to the Kansas State fair!! But we are doing some work and field trips unofficially that will count towards next years school. We went to a small  church fair a few days ago. The kids  had lots of fun! I took lots of pics. We bought hamburgers, chips and drinks for dinner, only spent $15.00! The rides were small and free! The kids had LOTS of fun!