Friday, July 20, 2012

been a while so here's an update!

Lifes been good, lots of changes, lots going on. so where to start? I guess I will go in order of age? starting with oldest, that would be GMA! 
Gma had surgery on her neck last month. I think most or all should know about it already. She is slowly recovering but doing ok. It was an ugly and large incision at first but not looking so bad now. She still has to take things easy and not over do it. 
Next up Larry! He is working full time and got a position he wanted badly, and that position brought a raise! Our Insurance kicks in the 1st of August! Health, eye, dental, and prescriptions! He  is doing great! He keeps busy doing things that need done around the house when he is home. He works 12 hour shifts, and each week changes from day/night and 3/4 days a week. It is very hard to keep up with his schedule. I am so proud of him and the changes, improvements he has made, 
So not that brings me to me. I am still in business for myself doing health consultations, finishing school, selling my herb balms and other stuff! Health issues are same as always, and nothing worth discussing today!
all right time for Kids!
We just finished up our school year! to celebrate we went camping and had our Huffman family Olympics and awards together! It was so  much fun! 
Kids are doing good. Bubba and Loo are at a lock in tonight. So its me and younger kids home. Were gonna watch movies, be bums, maybe do pop corn!
Kids  are growing so very fast I cant keep up with them. I have lots of pics to share!
We have a garden this year and each kid has their own little spot! The kids have enjoyed that. Their garden spots are doing well. We have been getting tomato's, yellow squash and lots of herbs! I FINALLY have herbs gardens and herbs growing on my porch! I love it! I have taught Baby E how to pick mint to make tea. She knows how to pick more than one type to mix them, its great! So we have LOTS of tea fresh from the herb garden. I made spaghetti the other day for the first time with my fresh herbs! It was soooo good. They ate it all and I had made enough for 2 meals, my largest bowl was over flowing and not one bite was gone. I could not believe it. I have been reading on harvesting herbs, freezing versus drying. I am going to do both.. I bought some ice trays to freeze them in. I read about harvesting herbs, chopping them up, fill each section with herbs then cover with water, freeze, remove from ice cube trays, place in labeled baggie and store in freezer! pull out when you need it and throw in whatever your cooking! I cant wait to try this! I have a sage plant that is growing great, and oregano, basil, lemon verbena.. well you get the point.
Baby E

Sir N


my soap- this is oatmeal spice delight body bars!

Baby E fell down and cut  her forehead
this is a bar of my dog flea soap! works great

Oh ya forgot that I now have my stuff in an etsy shop as well as on my site! So come on by, I am slowly adding new stuff daily. Essence Etsy Shop
Huffin Stuff has evolved into more than a family news ,etter now it is also business as well. If your interested stop by and read, send me an email or sign up on the sight for the news letter if you want to follow it. You can find it here Huffin Stuff @ Renaissance of Natural Health
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I can't think of much else thats been happening. Were enjoying summer, or trying to. I am on the hunt for next years books and stuff for school! OH I thinned out books, anyone who has seen my books would be amazed to see what I have left, its a small amount considering I used to be able to fill a Uhaul! 
I guess thats all for now!
Oh something else! I have a friend in another state who is a photographer, since she is not here she cant do a family picture for me. But we figured out a way to get pics the way I want! I am taking my digital camera to the park with the family, taking LOTS of pictures of them, then emailing them to my friend, she will work her magic and print them like a Pro, then mail them to me! I am so psyched now! Can't wait! 
ok now I am done.