Monday, June 4, 2012

Book Review for Great Day Every Day

Great Day Every Day by Max Lucado is an excellent book! It will make you stop and think about the good and bad things in life and how your sometimes blessed through our experiences, good and bad. Finding ways to continue on with your day, allowing it to be a great day even if it starts out not so good. We do not have to allow all the negative experiences we have form our days, our life. We can learn to see the good through the bad, learn to see the blessings in every part of life. I read this because I have a special needs child who says every morning"Today is a great day" It made me think of him when I saw the book, and wonder if I could be more like my son. This truly is a great book to read for anyone wanting to learn to see through the annoyances in life and find a Great Day waiting every day.
I would suggest this book as an excellent read!
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