Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October is here! I am attempting to be more organized! For those that know me you know how funny that is! lol BUT I have a basic menu for the month! Thought I'd share it here. I will put some recipes up later, or they may go to the school blog healthy eats and something treats(brain needs rebooted cant remember the name) I am unsure! But recipes will float around somewhere at some point! And hopefully it will be soon!  So far this month has gone well, we are doing great in school! Kids being awesome about life right now! I am very proud of them and how well they are doing right now!
We should have some school projects to post soon!
For now here is my basic menu, nothing fancy, soups, and crock pot meals to make it easier for me this month!
Any questions just ask please! Have an awesome October! Enjoy the fall weather!

October meals!
This is only dinner, all are dairy free meals, and can easily be adapted to gluten free meals as well! I am listing the meals you can use them in any order you want! Hope it helps someone!
Rotate so you do not eat the same protein every day we usually rotate like this
chicken beans beef other chicken bean beef other or along those lines
each meal is followed with fruit for those who want fruit
each meal has vegetables in the main dish or as a side, I usually cook more than 1 option to choose from. And usually bread
Many of these came from the Old Schoolhouse magazine teacher tool box monthly menu! If you do not subscribe you should! It is free and an awesome resource!
If you would like recipes for any or all let me know!

Sweet potato soup

chicken and vegie soup

chicken chilli

chicken noodle soup

vegetable n rice soup

Lentil soup with harvest vegetables

split pea soup

pumpkin soup

stew in a pumpkin

lentil soup

creamy chicken and biscuits

broccoli n cheese soup

crock pot chilli



spaghetti in all day sauce

chicken enchiladas

baked potato with broccoli cheese, hamburger or chicken

chicken wraps