Thursday, June 17, 2010

sticking my head out of the growth for an update!

Yes growth, not all good! With no mower we are being over ran and might be adding heavily fined to that soon! I am loosing herbs, flowers and who knows all what to the growth! I would show you all pics but my computer has crashed! leaving me to use an old one that wont even keep up with school, web sites, or any thing like that!
When I manage it I will post pics!
We are ok other than that I guess. Kids are busy with summer camps and all that. My health is well not going there. If you wanna know email me. I will say injections for sciatica hurt!
So no mower, no man power to help me do repairs I am not supposed to be doing, leaving me limited options here. I have no cash to replace computer and that messes up lots, or to pay for repairs So I guess I try to get my gimpy body out more. Already over done it more than I should but hey when every one you know is to busy you do what you got to do!
Sorry its not more cheerful but I wanted a short update. When I can do pics I will. Kis are growing fast. Chubs is finally catching on to some things! Baby E is no longer a baby, I guess that makes her an E! adorable E
Oh I will say I started new med for Narco and it is helping. Now if it helped more and my body would keep up or I could get help round here.
So have an awesome day.
Love to hear from some I have not heard from in a while. I have not fallen off the earth, maybe you did? I do have a different cell number so many may not have it. Email if you need it!