Monday, February 15, 2010

Love this pic and my disappearing pics

I love this picture! It always makes me think. Also I had not noticed my pictures are not showing anymore until pointed out to me today. So I have looked into why, photobucket changed some things and I guess it messed them all up. I will redo pics to put on here again. If there are any pics that you would like to see specifically again let me know so I can make sure to get them back up!
Is anyone watching the Winter Olympics? We have no TV here so I am missing them! First time in 16 years! I am going to try to fix it today so I can watch. We usually do a Unit for school on Olympics, but they snuck up on me this year, we may do a mini unit anyway- if I can find a way to watch some of the events! I love them! Oh also soon our home number will be changing! We are going to drop the line we have for a main number and use a different number. I will use my skype #, mom has one set up also, so those and cell will be main. This drops bills a significant amount. So if you do not have the numbers
email me and I will get the 2 numbers to you. I am not shutting the other off yet, making sure I have it all set and working first.
Oh ya I met someone who ownes a store who will be carrying my product! It opens many doors for me! I am excited! I will be able to go to a few Renaissance Fairs and other festivals if it works out right! I am also gearing up to start selling at the Farmers Market and other places soon!
With The Narcolepsy and other issues I have I have been trying to find a schedule that works. I think we have it figured out on how to go about that finally! Hopefully it works, if it does it will make things easier for us all! I am also using Natural methods for the Narcolepsy, and I see Pain doc this week, requesting he remove my patch. I think I will do better with out it, my pain may get worse but it will open things for me to use more Natural methods for that as well. I managed for 15 years, I would like to get back to that again if possible, at the least I would like less pain meds and more Herbal control.
I have a few goals set- one specific I want to be able to walk 2 miles by April for the Autism Walk in Wichita!
I want to get back to working out daily- for at least 45 minutes a combo of Tai Chi, TTAP, and walking. Prefer over an hour but min of 45 min. No date set yet for this, trying to figure that out.
I want to run again, I miss it so much. So This is a 2 part
1st I want to be able to run again
2nd I want to run either a 5K, 10K or Marathon. I know it will take a long time to hit any of them. I have not yet set a goal date for this. I need to break it down to mini goals working to the biggie. I will let ya'll know when I have that done, and probably track progress here as well!

I have several E books and units, and courses available to purchase for kids, adults, home schoolers, individuals, groups, with my assistance- taught by me distance learning, and not. If interested in finding out more email me. I can sell as E Books, or print and 3 hole punch and mail to you. Prices vary. Eventually I will be able to bind them. 
Prices range from around $3.00 and up, if I ship it you pay shipping also. I charge actual cost nothing extra. If its a class I am staying involved in, teaching, leading the cost increases a little. If you do them as a group the cost can be split by members.
I am offering more consultations. With a big focus in Nutrition. I know many people think of nutrition and think of what they are eating, think they have a good balanced diet, or they think its horrid. This goes beyond the normal eat this food group so many times a day. I look at individuals, possible allergies, reactions, and so much more. With proper diet, nutrition, herbs and others our bodies can sometimes heal from a lot. If not heal at least improve! Reactions from foods are not always obvious. I have a son, Sir N who gets Horrid crack, bleed, eczema. When we finally figured out a cause- Dyes! If he eats or drinks food, candy or drinks with dyes he breaks out. Then I noticed attitude changes also. No dye no eczema and less attitude, dye eczema and more attitude! Lots of things happen that way! When I look at nutrition I also look at life style, drinks, sleep, exercise, and more. Possible vitamin and mineral needs, lots goes into it!
I have a flat rate and if you need I also have a payment plan. Depending on what you want. I have a main eval, I also have an ongoing Nutritional Healing thats a monthly payment, and I work with you for an unlimited time, to help on a long term basis. This is the most effective way, but not necessary. Email me if you want to know more either my personal email  or business email 

Next a few sites I am using these days to track things. I am tracking my pain, energy, all my symptoms and progress.

Also updating some info on
More links, information will be on there soon.
I also now have diagnostic criteria to work with you or for your personal use.

LOTS of sites to read books online, down load books all free! Lots of books, all kinds, fiction, non fiction, research, religious, school, novels, and more. I love these sites and use them a lot!

Have a great day!