Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feb 2010

So its Feb almost Valentines day already! Sir N was baptized last Saturday. An awesome friend and Priesthood holder did it for him, and confirmed him. He was very nervous before and almost backed out. When we got there he calmed down and was ok. He did great. He is very happy to have it done! I am also.
So what else Boo is 16 now! one step further with the Priesthood. He can now Bless Sacrament! Bubba is 13 now! He can pass, already could but still can. Both are good boys.
Loo will be 11 in March! I cant believe it! She is growing up also. My baby E is 4 and spoiled! Chubby is doing great. Finally catching things! He is looking forward to turning 8 and being Baptized! Its over a year away but he is preparing now! Thats a good thing!
Me I am ok, had some tests done to try to find out whats up with my sleepiness, doc is positive its narcolepsy but the test did not confirm it. I guess that happens a lot. So for now I have idiopathic hypersomnia(say that 10 times fast) Fancy word for I could sleep all the time! One thing after another. Getting old. Still waiting on disability decision. Wishing spring would get here soon. Its been cold and we have snow! I am so very ready for spring.
What else.........
 pretty uneventful. Next week I see my pain doc. I want to be taken off one he has me on. Should be fun. Wish me luck, I need it with this one. But I feel it needs to go away.
We have early morning Church this year! Much easier for us to get there! We have missed a few due to illness between kids and I but it is easier for us the morning. So I like that a lot. Would love to hear from friends and family!
Take care have a great Valentines day!