Saturday, September 12, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Yes Busy is what we are! School is going for the kids. We are still trying to get settled into routine that will work for us. The kids have a full load so far. We are going to do a 4 day schedule instead of 5. We have always preferred it that way. Last year we did not do it that way and it was harder. So we are going to 4 this year. I am back working. Still recovering from surgery but feeling up to working some, plus I cant pay bills if I am not working. So I am working. I am in school also. I am learning a lot. My hobby I have had for so long making personal care products- shampoo, hair care, body, face, muscle rubs, massage oils, creams, salves, house hold cleaners and all that has grown into a business. I am still working on the web site. Hope to finish soon. I wanted it completed already but its hard to get it done. I have had a few orders! I am going to a show next Saturday, a friend has a booth selling stuff. I will be there trying to sell stuff and get the word out. I am trying to spread the word. I am making everyone I know an offer. If you refer someone to my site and they either purchase product or I see them as for a client as a healer I will either give a discount to the referring person or a portion of what I make. So if anyone is interested let me know. I am giving website info to people and to those who want paper I am sending brochures to them to have out. The Healer part is a different web site than the product part. Its not as far along as the other. As I do my schooling seeing clients is part of learning. So I am spreading the word on that also. Setting up a site and doing lots of praying! The awesome part about being a Natural Healer is that so much can be done by phone, IM, web cam, email or in person. I cant do hands on if your not in front of me but I can help a lot in other ways. My main focus at this time is Nutritional Healing. I have learned much about healing through nutrition. And also Typing- Temperaments. Interesting stuff.
We have some new additions to the family! 4 adorable chicks!!!! They are so cute. I will snap pics soon. So add to the chaos and mess in my home from 10 people living it, 4 chicks!
I am going to be teaching Boo Home Study Seminary this year. We start this week! Scary and intimidating and I will learn a lot from it. I did not know until Wednesday its a Stake Calling, I will be set apart tomorrow. I am glad for that. I will so need that extra Blessing to help me with it.
Its late I have to be up early tomorrow. I will post again soon, possibly tomorrow. When I do I will be posting links to the web sites. If anyone is interested in helping spread the word let me know, and if your interested in either purchasing or the healing part let me know as well.