Monday, June 29, 2009

mmmmm dinner! Fruit! and more flowers!

so Baby E wants mac n cheese, YUCK! so we get mac n cheese and fruit salad. this fruit salad has lots
5 cans fruit cocktail
1 large can peaches
1 large can pears
1 frozen bag 3 berry=raspberry,blueberry,blackberry
1 cup fresh ground flax seed
and I cant remember what other spice Loo decided it needed. But it is one delicious fruit salad
also I have 2 Rose of Sharon trees they are blooming!!!!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL! I will snap pics this week for yawl's(is that hick enuff fer ya?) and post them. Garden is doing good. My corn is popping up pretty good! And squash. Not sure I have any tomato left. The birds may have eaten them, I cant remember what was planted where, so it will be a surprise, and now I am afraid to weed, it may not be a weed. The year I pulled all the carrots thinking they were weeds keeps going through my mind! I do not want a repeat!
I am transferring all posts from the old blog so I don't loose them over here, so if you start seeing posts that make no sense for the timing that's why. They will be new here. Be a walk down memory lane!
I found garlic in the yard growing today! MMMMMMMMM you know how I am, picked it and ate it raw right there! I did not eat the whole thing but part, so good. I love garlic! I have so much stuff growing around the yard, I AM GOING TO HAVE TO INVEST IN BETTER HERB IDENTIFYNG BOOKS THAN WHAT I HAVE. I CANT FIGURE OUT WHAT ANYTHING IS. I AM WAITING ON MY TEACHER TO HELP IDENTIFY ONE THING. oops there goes the caps again, sorry. To lazy to go back n fix it!
I am working. May not be after the 3rd. I am working on school, thinking I will try to study more while not working if I end up job hunting. Hope I don't. I have already looked at a couple other companies.
I am really enjoying learning. Right now I am just studying pretty basic stuff, nutritional healing. I have not learned anything I did not know, but have been reminded of many things I have forgotten. The class even takes a religious view, not any 1 view, but 2. It is interesting to see the similarities, and how following the belief leads to suck a healthy diet, a better way to care for ones body. I had not realized other religions had such strong views on diet and everything. I know the WOW for me as an LDS person. But the Koran has reference, the Bible has more reference than I knew. I know we use it also, but I did not know how much is in it about diet, eating and caring for the body. How herbs are here for us to heal and medicinal reasons and stuff. Its interesting. I am enjoying that its also reinforcing my religious view on diet, the W O W, care of the body, herbs place in our life.

I also got results on chubby's tests today. The enema and x ray show no abnormalities beyond the damage done by the chronic constipation and impaction. Massive stretching, may or may not go back like it should eventually. Only time will tell. The blood tests for celiac say negative. They did all kinds of tests for it, I was lost when she went over it. The nurse is all I talked to. I have questions for the doc so she will be calling me tomorrow. If its not an abnormality or Celiac I want to know what it is! We are going on a GF diet for a min of 1 month to see if it does anything. I have learned that the blood tests do not always come back accurate, and you can react to gluten with out it being celiac also. So we will all change diet. I have to wait till I can go shopping and buy for it for a month. So it will start next week. Many of us have the symptoms of celiacs. I am really wondering about me and a couple other kids. So we will see. The worst that happens will be we do it, no changes. We will know for sure.
I am going to try to work out a 1 month menu, breakfast, lunch and dinner. At the end of the month we will look at everyone and see how we are. I know if any one of us needs the GF diet we all have to pretty much do it, its to hard to have foods in the house that basically poison you and not eat them, to hard to cook separate meals. I wont do it.
Chubby still is dairy free. He will have to stay that way indefinitely. I will know tomorrow if I can make yogurt from coconut milk for him. I have the stuff, and its made the same as I make the other yogurt, but a coconut tastes I guess. Sounds yummy actually! So if Doc agrees that's how I will make his yogurt. We saw the new Ped today. This is the one that saw him in the ER and got it so he could see the specialist. I like her for the most part, some things I am unsure on but over all I like her. She is concerned about the lack of calcium due to no dairy and wants him taking calcium. I how ever am not sure than just giving him a pill is the best way to cover the need. So I am looking through school material, and considering asking my teacher her thoughts, also going into herbalist tomorrow and see what she says and has. There has to be another way. I know some teas have the vitamins and minerals we need, we can get them all through herbal teas, I am wondering if there is one that will give him his calcium.
so now you have my rambling thoughts. Remember as you read over the next while if things don't make sense its due to my bringing posts from the old blog over here. I am going to start at its beginning and work through. I may not bring them all, I am not sure. There are some very hard times, sensitive, emotional writings on the old blog. So if you get confused and wonder what is going on just drop me a note, give me a call and ask. I do not know how long it will take me to get it all done, or the easiest way to do it. I think I can bring them over and keep them private, I thought about that so I don't mess with the flow here, but then people wont be able to read and I know several people look through for reference and things in their life's. So I just don't know
anyways love y'all
I'll snap pics this week
oh and Nana will be back tomorrow, and boo is gone to a week long training at camp to learn to work it next year! I am so proud of him for that! He gets home Friday and then leaves early Monday for a week of scout camp! When I say early I mean ewwwwwwwwwwwwww make me cry early, I have to drive an hour there and he has to be there at I believe it was somewhere between 3 or 4 am! WAAAAAAA. He may find somewhere to sleep over so I do not have to make the trip that time in the morning. I am thinking I hope that's what happens.