Thursday, April 23, 2009

so did you notice?

blog looks different? Ya I am sure you did. I got up today and went to look at something on it, and the whole thing was outta whack! Things in strange places they did not belong, at the bottom, all over, it was a mess!
I kinda have it fixed, and for now its on this lay out. I may have time to fix it while I work today, I don't know, Depends on the call volume. I am looking at other lay outs, see if I find something I like more.
We were supposed to go to the Park yesterday, did not happen. Battery on the van ws dead when we got in to go! I managed to get a jump start last night. I think one of the kids had left the door open or something along those lines.
Nothing much has been happening. Same old every day thing. Work, school, house, Tai Chi, work out, kids, meals, clean, laundry, and sometime during all that we hope I wake up!
So keep checking in, you may find its changed again!