Sunday, January 25, 2009

loving under the stars

Lovers loving under the stars
Lovers loving with the breeze
gently caressing each others bodies
         Moon above 
Lighting their bodies
         Stars above
 Lighting their bodies
Arms and legs entwined
In loving embrace
Feeling the emotional needs 
      not only the physical
Feeding the emotional needs
      Loving always
     Will it be again ?

       Doubts creeping in
    More and more each day
     Am I doing as I should ?
  Am I making more mistakes?
Should I leave or should I go?
     Fear is always there
     Anger growing daily
    The more we struggle
       The more we hurt
    The more my babies hurt
    The more double creep in
Yet my love is as strong as ever
My desire to be a forever family has not changed.
My desire to help that happen has not changed.
I know in my heart if I walk away it wont happen.
So I stay 
 I pray I am doing as I should.
            I listen for answers
I don’t know If I am getting them any longer
    There is so much confusion in my mind I cant hear the still small voice
           There is so much yelling in my mind
so many other voices arguing and telling me what to do
I can not find the Spirit to lead me ahead
    Oh Dear Lord please quiet them all
    Leave me only with the spirit I must hear
        Quiet the remaining
          Take them away
But all through it the only thing I am positive of
      The one thing never wavering
        is my love for you
           Still there
          Still strong
     Eternally strong
    Eternally bound